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August 2007 – AnestaWeb, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of, a niche job board posting website for Anesthesiologist Assistant professionals.  " was created with one thought in mind, to offer a unique job posting board exclusively for Anesthesiologist Assistants," said Christopher Green, President and Chief Operating Officer.

In the short weeks after launching, employers and AA job seekers have commented positively on the smooth navigation and many resources offered on the site. "AAs are thrilled that they finally have an exclusive place where they can post their resumes for consideration." said Green. As a “members only” site, our website model was designed and programmed with emphasis on keeping our databases of employers and AA candidates as current and up-to-date as possible.

We predict that AA membership will grow steadily over the next few months as more Anesthesiologist Assistants are graduating from Universities throughout the U.S. and Hospitals are learning of the enormous benefit Anesthesiologist Assistants bring to a Hospital’s Anesthesia Care Team.  "We are truly excited about the response has received and believe that we can attribute this success to our emphasis on direct communication between employers and Anesthesiologist Assistant candidates," said Ann Banks, Vice President of AnestaWeb, Inc.

" realizes the valuable time spent searching for the right position for both Anesthesiologist Assistants and Hospital hiring managers," said Green. "Anesthesiologist Assistants know that their time will be well spent in our site and their resume is not going to get lost in a sea of unrelated resumes," Continued Green. is also filled with educational features and links focused solely on the AA profession, such as, a private forum where AAs can share ideas and problem solving; a career development center for CV-writing assistance; salary comparison and a US city cost of living calculator. 

The members and visitors will find many reasons to visit and revisit the site as we thrive in becoming the #1 employment website for Anesthesiologist Assistants.

   For more information, Contact:  

Christopher Green, President & Chief Operating Officer

Who is is a niche specific job board designed exclusively for Anesthesiologist Assistants and Hiring companies including hospitals, surgery centers, anesthesia groups, and other medical facilities and healthcare recruiters.

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Company Overview: is dedicated to creating an integral niche specific job board for Anesthesiologist Assistant professionals. Our job board is specifically designed with AA job seekers and employers interest in mind. truly values the direct employer – AA job seeker relationship.

Management Team:

Christopher Green, President & Chief Operating Officer
Ann Banks, Vice President
Scott Abeles, Business Development

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